MURALS and INTERIOR DESIGN work                                                                          

I've had a lot of requests to include some of the work
that I've done while living in Atlanta, GA ( 1998 - 2003 ).
So here's just a few of the projects I was bless with my six years stay in Georgia.

Here's my first major project "The ClubHouse" in Atlanta ( 2000 ) I was commissioned to create this faux finish patina copper look on the cornice for this upscale restaurant at Lenox Mall.

The work moved indoors and this silver gilded ceiling was done with real silver foil. Man what a neck breaker putting those little sheets up one by one.

The walls were faux and the columns were hand drawn harlequins with a Venetian plaster finish.

This is the smoking room with a emerald rag roll finish. This is where the big shots smoke their cigars. Cough!

This is another ceiling further in the restaurant. This one was smaller and real gold was use to gild this ceiling.

Here's my apprentice ( my son ) and I in the finished main dining area. The doors and the walls in the back are faux finished to appear like red oak, my hands were red for days after that.

This was my next big project. The owner of this restaurant had dinner at the ClubHouse and was impress at the work he commissioned me to work on his restaurant in Lawrenceville, GA. The logo and the African inspired motif was all hand painted.

I help with the layout of the booths as well. The food is great.

Faux finished walls with the African inspired motif. Incidentally, I did this project all by myself. How ya like me now!

My first residential project in the ATL. and it just so happen to be Atlanta Falcons Michael Haynes' home.

Turns out Mrs Haynes wanted some old ruins type faux finish for their downstairs bar room. If you've ever been to the CheeseCake Factory, this has a similar feel. Not a bad fish tank either.

We moved into the game room and here I created this mural. If you look close you'll see I added real clothes and a real basketball suspended from the ceiling. Actually, it's a 3D mural. DUNK ON YOU!

We then went outside to the back of the property and the Haynes family allowed me to design their pool for them. Here's the first day of the dig. How big is that!

My design under construction. How cool is that!

The rock work going in. I learned a lot from these guys. They know their stones!

Almost ready for the water. Filler up!

All finished . It's a vanishing edge pool. My very first design and build project. Nice ! Check the lake in the background on their property. I caught a few frogs back there.

Need I say more!

The Haynes' were then and still are a true blessing. They treated my boys and I like family the whole time I was there. Thank you, guys.

This next project kept me closer to home. This project was for a great family in Smyrna, GA. The lady of the house worked for The Weather Channel in Georgia.

We started in the living room. I added this faux gold hammered ribbon around the room.

She then wanted a mural in her dining room. This mural wrapped around the entire dining room and the ceiling. I was in there what seem like a year painting that room.

Here's a detail of the main section of the mural. Oh yeah, their honeymoon was in Greece. Get it now?

After finishing up the Haynes residents some friend came by and love the work I did there. I was then flown out to Detroit to work on Detroit Lions, Andre Blyes' ( I hope I spelled his name right or I'm in big trouble ) home.

Here's the entry way. I just lightly faux the walls. We were going for a very subtle approach. Check the floor. Nice .

I then did a light faux finish in the seating area in the kitchen. That's right! I said seating area in the kitchen. That's what happens when you win a Super Bowl!

This is the ceiling in their dining room. I made it look like leather because they have a leather table as part of their dining room set. This project should have been on MTV Cribs. Is anybody listening!

This room here was one of the first projects I did when I got back to NYC in 2004. It just so happens to be my good friend Skeffington ( Skeff! He gets props too! ) Anslem bedroom. Where the magic happens.

He also owns an original Eric Orr, you can only see the corner but if you ask nicely maybe he'll invite you over to have look see.

Hand painted Asian characters. He wanted a sort of Asian-African motif. What do aspect he worked with A Tribe Called Quest. I really don't know what that means.

Well there's just a few design projects I was involved with. I may post some others in the future. Once again , thanks for stopping by.